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Artisan Market Dates 

Welcome to Beau-Events Brighton Artisan Makers Markets. 

The 2024 Beau-Events Artisan Market season will start in April, with a total of eight events in 2024 at the Brighton Unitarian Church (BUC). 

Extra dates at new venues will be added throughout the year, so make sure you are signed up to my mailing list to be the first to know! (You can sign up on the 'apply' page). 

Dates you can apply for now: 

Saturday 13th of April (BUC) 11am - 5pm

Bank Holiday Monday 6th of May (BUC) 11am - 5pm

Saturday 25th of May (BUC) 11am-5pm

Saturday 15th of June (BUC) 11am-5pm

Saturday 7th September (BUC) 11am - 5pm

Saturday 19th October (BUC) 11am - 5pm

Saturday 16th November (BUC) 11am - 5pm

Saturday 7th December (BUC) 11am - 5pm

Jessie Marie, Beau-Events Brighton, Event Organiser.

We have been trading with Jess since the very beginning! She guided us and encouraged us to give it a go and we had her support all the way through! We could not recommend her events enough, we always know that any event organised by her will be a success! Packed with great makers and customers!

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